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TMC Quartz Sleeve 30/55w Proclear 871mm 152111

TMC Quartz Sleeve 30/55w Proclear 871mm 152111

TMC Pond Quartz Sleeve

  • 30 and 55 watt
  • Dimensions: 871 x 30mm.
  • Does not include O-Rings.
  • Fits the 30w and 55w TMC Proclear UV clarifiers.
  • It is always advisable to change the o-ring at the same time as changing the quartz sleeve.
  • Genuine TMC Spares.

Quartz Sleeves are delicate and are easily chipped or broken. They can also become worn and brittle over time. It is important that they are replaced when necessary as they protect the electrics and leads within the Uv from water.


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