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TMC Aquarium V2 Pure 75 De-Ionising Pod 1520404

TMC Aquarium V2 Pure 75 De-Ionising Pod 1520404

TMC Aquarium V2 Pure 75 De-Ionising Pod

  • Contains 500ml of de-ionised resin.
  • Long-Lasting and durable.
  • Compatible with V2 Pure Reverse Osmosis Systems.
  • For the TMC V2 Pure 50 and V2 Pure 100 Reverse Osmosis Systems.
  • Decreases the risks associated with poor fish health.
  • Obtains Lower TDS Reading.
  • Genuine TMC Products and Parts.

This V2 Pure De-Ionising Pod helps to complete the filter processes carried out by the reverse osmosis system. Offering a unique blend of high grade materials fused with premium parts including several elements to prolong the product's lifespan, the additional componant enhances user-friendliness whilst reducing the risks related to poor fish health, together with algae growth and more.


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