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TMC Aquarium Tropic Marin Original Balling Salts B 1kg 5067

TMC Aquarium Tropic Marin Original Balling Salts B 1kg 5067

TMC Tropic Marin Original Balling Salts 

  • Part B - Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate.
  • 1kg.
  • The ion equilibrium is maintained.
  • For a highly efficient supply of calcium using the balling method.
  • No unnatural by-products.
  • Contains all 70 trace elements found in natural seawater.

These Tropic Marin Balling Salts are the 3 components used in the balling method and allow an independent dosage of calcium and carbonates adapted to each individual aquarium. The three part method adds calcium chloride dihydrate (part A) and sodium hydrogen carbonate (part B), while the addition of sodium-free sea salt (part C) maintains the crucial ionic balance in the aquarium water. The balanced calcium dosage creates the best conditions for good growth of corals and coralline algae and avoids the inevitable decrease of important elements seen in two part methods. 


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