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TMC Aquarium AquaRay Aquahabitat LED 400 Tile 1514735

TMC Aquarium AquaRay Aquahabitat LED 400 Tile 1514735

TMC AquaRay Aquahabitants Led 400 Tile

  • Perfect for Nano aquariums of less than 50 Litres, but also suitable for use in larger setups.
  • Uses OSRAM OSLON SSL high power LED's with a colour temperature of 6500K to replicate natural daylight conditions.
  • Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums as well as planted tanks.
  • Gives a natural shimmer effect (unlike fluorescent lighting)
  • Low Power - just 12w and dimmable.
  • Technology and quality.
  • Great for both beginner and experienced hobbyists.

This AquaRay MiniLED 400 is a beautiful lighting solution for beginner and experienced hobbyists. The lighting is compatible with freshwater and saltwater aquariums and uses OSRAM OSLON SSL high power LED's, with a colour temperature of 6500K.

The stunning light option from AquaRay helps to replicate daylight conditions within aquariums both large and small, to enhance an ideal environment for health, growth and development within all of your tank inhabitants.



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