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TMC Aquarium Aquabar Dimmer Switch 1520850

TMC Aquarium Aquabar Dimmer Switch 1520850

TMC Aquarium Aquabar Dimmer Switch

  • Designed to work with Aquabar LED Bars from Aquahabitats.
  • Easy to Control.
  • Inline Dimmer Switch.
  • Controls lighting intensity throughout the entire lighting bar.
  • Compatible with both the freshwater and marine Aquabars.
  • Genuine TMC Products.

The TMC Aquabar Dimmer Switch is designed to work with the Aquabar LED Bars from Aquahabitats and is easy to control. 

This TMC Aquabar Dimmer Switch enables the TMC Aquabar lighting bars to be dimmed manually.

The innovative design of the switch is a manual inline dimmer and allows the hobbyist to control lighting intensity throughout the enitre bar with ease. The switch is operated via a simple turn of the dial to increase or decrease the lighting level.


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