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Fluval Sea Alkalinity/Calcium Supplement 473ml

Fluval Sea Alkalinity/Calcium Supplement 473ml

Fluval Sea Alkalinity Supplement

  • Buffers pH
  • Supports Coral Growth
  • No nitrates or phosphates
  • Concentrared Fluval Product

Fluval Sea Alkalinity is a concentrated, alkalinity-boosting compound that provides an important energy source for supporting strong coral growth and plays a key role in maintaining optimal pH levels


Fluval Sea Calcium Supplement

  • Supports Corals & Invertebrates
  • No nitrates, phosphates
  • Concentrated Fluval Product

Fluval Sea Calcium is provided in the form of calcium chloride, a prederred compound as chloride is the most common ion found in marine water and inherently this will avoid unbalancing ionic rations.

Fluval Sea Calcium supplement uses only USP grade calcium chloride. This ensures pure product and the absence of any unwanted contaminants.


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