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Fluval Intake Pipe & Strainer with Rubber Connector 4 Series

Fluval Intake Pipe & Strainer with Rubber Connector 4 Series

Fluval intake Strainer, Intake Pipe and 1 Rubber Connector

  • For 104, 105 Filters
  • Genuine Fluval Spare Parts
  • Great value if you need the whole kit and not just seperate parts
  • 1 Fluval External Filter Intake Stem
  • 1 Fluval External Filter Rubber Connector (Not the set just one)
  • 1 Fluval External Filter Strainer

These items are very brittle and can be easily soiled with constant use, we recommened replacing these as soon as they look soiled or broken.

If you need to purchase these items seperately or if you need to have them replaced, you may get them here.

Fluval External Filter Intake Stem A20004

Fluval External Filter Rubber Connectors A20017

Fluval External Filter Strainer 405 A20008

All our Fluval spare parts are genuine so will exchange quickly and simply when needed. This Fluval strainer will fit other makes of External Filter and will prevent damage to your fish.


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