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Fluval Filter 406/407 Aquastop Valve Unit A20061 PRE ORDER

Fluval Filter 406/407 Aquastop Valve Unit A20061 PRE ORDER

Fluval 406/407 Filter Aquastop Valve

  • Double Tap Unit
  • Fits 406/407 Filters
  • Genuine Fluval Spare Part

This item is brittle and can be easily soiled with normal use within your tank or aquarium setup, we recommend replacing these as soon as they become too soiled or broken.

This item is completely compatible with the following items and should only be used with other Fluval products to ensure compatibility and smooth operation of your filtering system.

Fluval 406 External Filter 400L

Fluval External Filter Hose Kit A20015

The Fluval Aquastop Valve unit comes complete with seals. The unit can become brittle over time and may need to be replaced. We sell genuine Fluval spare parts which should be quick and easy to replace.


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