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Fluval Bio Foam 204/205/206 A236

Fluval Bio Foam 204/205/206 A236

Replacement Fluval bio foam for the 1 and 2 series External Filters.

  • 1 per pack
  • Traps Floating Particles
  • Mechanical & biological Filtration
  • Replace as needed
  • Genuine Fluval Spare Part

The bio-foam combines mechanical and biological filtration. Its pore structure increases surface area for the growth of helpful bacteria. In addition, it traps small particles that are not retained by the first stafe of foam filtration.

Replace the foam when the structure becomes clogged quickly. Clean Fluval foams in tank water but replace when they lose there shape.

Use the Fluval External Bio Foam with Fluval External Filter Foam 204/205/206 A222 to keep your water clean and fresh.

Helpful Tip

When changing media use fluval cycle enhancer to boost the filter.


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